Black Belt Philosophy


Testing Requirements

• Blue Stripe Ho-shin-sool 1-3 (double wrist grabs)

• Kyuk-pa (board breaking) side kick

• Free Sparring

• Knowledge of Korean Terms

• Taegeuk Sam Jahng (Click here for video)

• Blue Stripe Self Defense (Click here for video)

Korean Terms #5 (printable version available in downloads)

Blue Stripe Form | Tae Geuk Sam-Jahng
Demonstration | She Bum
Testing | Shim Sa
Sparring Commands
Back Kick| Dwee Chagi
Knifehand Strike | Sonnal Chigi
The 5 Tenets of Tae Kwon Do
Courtesy | Yeh Wee
Integrity | Yom Chi
Perseverance | In Nae
Self Control | Guk Ki
Indomitable Spirit | Baekjul Boolgool