Black Belt Philosophy


Safety Gear Requirements:

Full Sparring Gear Package

(Yellow Belt requirements + Chest Guard and Cup (for boys)

School requirement: All safety gear must have school logo

Testing Requirements

• Green Belt Ho-shin-sool 1-3 (Single wrist grabs)

• Kyuk-pa (board breaking) side kick

• Knowledge of Korean Terms

• Free Sparring

• Taegeuk Ee-Jahng (Click here for video)

• Green belt Self Defense (Click here for video)

Korean Terms #4 (printable version available in downloads)

Green Belt Form | Tae Geuk Ee-Jahng
Self Defense | Ho Shin Sool
Warm Up Exercise | Joonbi Woondong
Sparring | Gyoroogi
Break | Kahl Yo
Continue | Kay Sok
Turn Around | Dweero Dora
Switch Feet | Bal Kyo Dae
Back Stance | Dwee Goobi
Face Punch | Olgool Jilugi
Middle Punch | Momtong Jilugi
Courtesy Phrases
Goodbye (Teacher to Student) | Annyong Hee Ka Ship Sheeyo
Goodbye (Student to Teacher) | Annyong Hee Kay Ship Sheeyo