Testing Requirements

Horse Riding Stance, and punch

Front Snap Kick, Roundhouse Kick

Board Breaking (Hammer Fist)

Knowledge of Korean Terminology

• Kibon Poomse I (Click here for video)

• How To Tie Your Belt (Click here for video)

Horse Riding Stance (Choo-Choom Sah-gi)

Front Snap Kick (Ahp Cha-gi)

Round House Kick (Dol-yoh Cha-gi)

Korean Terms #1 (printable version available in downloads)

White Belt Form | Kibon Poomse 1
Uniform | Dobok
School | Dojang
Attention | Cha-Ryot
Bow | Kyung-Yet
Bow to the Master | Sa-bum-nim Kae Kyung-Yet
Bow to the Instructor | Suhn-behn-nim Kae Kyung-Yet
Bow to the Flags | Kukiae Dae Hiyo Kyung-Yet
1 - 10 | Hana Dul Set Net Dahseot Yahseot Ilgop Yodol Ahop Yol
Front Snap Kick| Ahp Cha-gi
Round House Kick | Dol-yoh Cha-gi
Courtesy Phrases
Thank You | Kahm Sa Hamneeda
You're Welcome | Chan Mahn Aeyo