Black Belt Philosophy


Safety Gear Requirements

Safety Gear required for all Kids and Adult classes (not required Family Class)

Shin + Instep Guards, Arm Guards, Mouth Guard, Head Gear

School requirement: All safety gear must have school logo

Testing Requirements

• Two kick combinations

• Kyuk-pa (board breaking) axe kick

• Knowledge of Korean Terms

• Kibon Poomse II (Click here for video)

Korean Terms #2 (printable version available in downloads)

Yellow Belt Form | Kibon Poomse 2
Ready | Choom-bee
Return (to ready) | Bar-ro
At Ease | She-arh
Walking Stance | Ahp Sahgi
Forward Stance | Ahp Goobi
Horse Riding Stance | Choo-Choom Sahgi
Axe Kick | Chick Aw Cha-gii
Courtesy Phrases
Hello | Annyong Ha Shim Neeka
Good to see you | Bangop Sahmneeda